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Coal Stockpile


A Passion for Power, Products & Positive Impacts

Our Mission

Newseam Energy Company strives to promote growth, development, and positive change around the world by expanding access to high-quality coal. 

Our Story

Newseam Energy Company wasn't conceived over decades of planning. Rather, the coal mining and export entity is the product of an opportunity which presented itself and a desire to do good.


With a focus on remediating contaminated brownfield sites, founder Chris Mills discovered that many already permitted mines awaiting reclamation still had economic reserves of high-quality, high-efficiency coal in place. From sought-after seams in all America's top mining regions, these coal reserves which could provide energy and stability to millions were on the verge of being forgotten.  But with nations around the world in search of cost-effective fuel to meet power demands and met coal to advance industry, these resources had a job to do.

Newseam Energy Co. was born to provide power to those who need it, but it's evolved into so much more.

Our strategic approach and savvy, smart global view of commodity markets set us apart. We focus on trends and needs in emerging, unsaturated international markets. A scalable, vertically integrated portfolio allows us to adapt rapidly to changing market conditions. A portfolio of mines allows us to flexibly blend coal to target highest customer demands. And, we expedite the export process with strategically selected sites located along our integrated logistics corridor.

​We are Newseam Energy Co., and we're proud to power today and fuel the future with the coal that built America.​

Our Team

Extensive Experience. Diverse Backgrounds. Unique Perspectives.

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