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Coal on Background


The Coal that Built America

Newseam Energy Co. developed its flagship product — Gulf Coast Blend — using its extensive knowledge of the global thermal coal trade.


GCB is a unique blend of thermal coal from precisely selected U.S. coal mines located in the Northern and Central Appalachian Basin and the Illinois Basin. We’ve linked these mines with an integrated, strategic logistics network of river docks to allow for a consistent, reliable, and scalable supply network. The coal is barged to mid-stream deep water ports on America's Gulf Coast, which allows for multi-Capesize vessel exports each month.

We designed and benchmarked the GCB’s quality specifications and price to the Indonesian HBA index. As Indonesia is the world's largest thermal coal exporter and a familiar index for many importers, we make it simple for the customer and end-user to supplement and guarantee their supply with an American coal designed, tested, and marketed to HBA specifications.

Why GCB?

Newseam is proud to have created a unique quality product that balances Asian-focused specifications with the enormous bulk export tonnages needed to fuel Asia today.

The value in the GCB lies in our approach prior to export: transporting coal from multiple basins to a single destination. This allows us to carefully blend the ore to meet the desired specifications. It also enables us to amass the very large quantities in high demand.


The result is a consistent, efficient blend that's readily available in significant quantities.

The Gulf Coast Blend is the best of the coal that built America and supports our mission to help nations and communities develop, individuals and families transcend socio-economic struggles, businesses thrive, and more.

Quality Specifications
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